February Already


I’ts  February!

Already I feel like the year is going to fast, I haven’t had a chance to figure out what I want to do this year, what trips to plan and where to adventure to.

My 2017 is looking pretty full with events: A massive one being; My sisters wedding!

Exciting things ahead but also stressful times ahead.

I want to plan many a trip this year, More spontaneous short breaks away just with a selected few humans I enjoy being around. And also to focus on personal goals

I’ve got a trip planned coming up soon for Edinburgh! I’m going back to this beautiful city this year, Infact Next Month!, I’ve only been once before last October, But it was a jam packed trip filled with blisters and photos- not of the blisters Ergh- This time around I’m going with a small group of good’uns who will of course make it an enjoyable trip! Although of course I’ll still be a snap happy gal, I’m going to try enjoy it more in the moment. Make the memories in my noggin, Still getting the Grams doe.


Also will 2017 be the year to go to a Festivals?

Will this be the year I attack the festival scene. Who knows. Maybe I’ll leave this one for next year. I think that’s sensible

All I wanted to put out there really was how crazy it is that it’s FEBRUARY already! I’ve got a very exciting year ahead so lets get on with it.

Back Soon


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