February Already


I’ts  February!

Already I feel like the year is going to fast, I haven’t had a chance to figure out what I want to do this year, what trips to plan and where to adventure to.

My 2017 is looking pretty full with events: A massive one being; My sisters wedding!

Exciting things ahead but also stressful times ahead.

I want to plan many a trip this year, More spontaneous short breaks away just with a selected few humans I enjoy being around. And also to focus on my spiritual goals.


I am indeed going back to this beaut city this year, Infact Next Month!, I’ve only been once before last October, But it was a jam packed trip filled with blisters and photos- not of the blisters Ergh- This time around I’m going with a small group of good’uns who will of course make it an enjoyable trip! Although of course I’ll still be a snap happy gal, I’m going to try enjoy it more in the moment. Make the memories in my noggin, Still getting the Grams doe.


Will this be the year I attack the festival scene. Who knows. Maybe I’ll leave this one for next year

This wasn’t supposed to be bullet points,  All I wanted to put out there was how crazy it is that it’s FEBRUARY already! I’ve got a very exciting year ahead so lets get cracking.

Back Soon


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