Turning 18!


It’s pretty obvious from the title what this is about!

I am now 18 years of age.. WHAT I have been alive for 18 years! I feel like just yesturday I had my curtain fringe and pink bedroom walls.

Turning 18 brings new experiences, being Legally aloud to drink alcohol and official becoming a mature adult.. Well maybe not the last one. I felt slightly strange as I already felt 18, its hard to explain but I’ve had to be more mature because I’ve been through so much! more then an average 18 year old, instead of going out partying and doing things with friends, I was having MIR’s and hospital appointments

So I’m joining the 18 club, I’m sure it’ll bring about new experiences and situations.


  • -Like going on a flight by myself! Scary stuff but I feel like I’m at an age where I’m responsible enough
  • -Taking driving lessons! Finally get some independence although of course I need to save up! gotta get that dolla
  • -Leave college! I’ve been on my course now for 2 years! I finish in July, This means no more stressing out about deadlines or homework & Looking for that crucial job
  • -Meeting new people! I want to push myself forward more, Put my self in more social situations, and learn to realise everyone makes a fool of themselves every once in a while
  • -Be more confident! I mean who cares really! everything seems so much more Arrrghhh to you! really no one is thinking you look stupid in them dungarees..If I like them I’m gonna buy them and totally rock’em (Hopefully)
  • -Actually try achieve something! It’s all well and good saying I will do these things but I need to actually do stuff to reach them! I’m not going to achieve things sat on the sofa at home.. Apart from working my way through every show on netflix!

-So from me to me-

-Have a good year & don’t drink to much-




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