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Todays post is a super positive one!

The other day I was scrolling through twitter and noticed a new tweet from MSsociety with the hashtag #MSinfivewords I was quick to respond with a tweet saying..#Msinfivewords ‘MS is not a stop sign’ I mean I didn’t realise that it was actually 6 words as I was too quick to get in on the discussion.  The point was when I got diagnosed I found these words really hit home, & gave me some comfort. The original quote was “MS is not a stop sign but traffic bumps”

Quickly after my tweet went out I got a message from an account called @Platform.MS who get in touch with different people fighting MS and listening to their stories, After a few messages back and forth I sent the founder of the account the link to the first post I wrote on here.

They published my story on their Twitter Account and also their website! As soon as it went up I quickly received new followers and also contact with other young people with MS.

The point of this blog post was just to appreciate the friendly community of MS fighters. Everyone is understanding because we’re all going through the same.


Even if you aren’t living with MS or you just know someone who is or a family member I feel like the community is so welcoming you could get in touch easily and ask questions.

Also, a side note, what would we do without the internet! Seriously it’s amazing how we can communicate with different people from around the world all through the interweb!

Seeming tho is has recently been #WorldMSDay just want to say we all have our crap days even if we don’t have health problems! But it’s important to keep a positive outlook on things and to have a hope for the future!

One day we will beat it. Like a piñata.

Type Soon


P.S  My Twitter – @AmeliaisShe

 Stories  – @Platfrom_MS

     MS Society – @mssocietyuk


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