Having a break from tech


The other day I was going about my business,messaging friends, doing college work general day to day things when my phone suddenly cut off and decided to turn off and not come back on.  At first of course i went into panic “OH NO end of the world” type of thing. But after letting people know my phone was ‘out of use’ I seemed to put it aside and actually survived?! shock horror!

mobile phones are a massive part of day to day life, every five seconds checking social media to see if anythings changed, Using Apps to study or research. How we rely on them so much! within the few days I didn’t have a phone I would constantly reach out for it.

It was actually nice.

like my own mini no tech retreat.

Not having to post on Facebook or message people back asap, or even checking social media every few seconds.

now I’ve got my phone working again, I’m going to try my hardest not to be glued to it, it won’t kill me to put it down and have a breather every once and a while…

The world we live in today is surrounded by technology! I mean its great the things we can do with it but every now and again its nice to have a break.






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