Treatment Day



I had my first Tysabri Infusion at my local hospital todayLast night I got my bag together, Laptop, DVDs things to occupy my time while on the drip. And actually I had a good nights sleep I didn’t worry because I knew what the day ahead of me would be like, and what was happening. I decided with my GP that because I get so distressed about being in hospitals and needles and YAR DE YAR that I would have my blood test, to check my blood free of infection, and my infusion all in the same day. Also this only means that I only have one needle and then a cannula put in.


9:00AM- I arrived at the hospital quite calmly, although I was in no way at all! looking forward to it, I just thought I would think about it when it comes along not before.. A very nice nurse once said this to me… that i should make a promise to myself, to not think or worry about any of it up until the day! -She also gave me a can of coke and a breakfast bar!


When I first arrived I had to give a urine sample and then straight away the nurses got me sorted and I had a blood test. 

( Even writing about this is making me squirm and pull some weird faces)

Right.. now, I could write this post and be fully positive and tell you all that I didn’t feel a thing! But Sorry I’m not..I did feel the cannula going in and It did kinda hurt..Well actually maybe It was more uncomfortable then anything, I also think that it probably hurt more though because it wasn’t normal to me, and I’d never had it done before.

After this the (really nice) nurses bandaged the caudal up so i didn’t have to see it. And that was me set for the next few hours.

I’m going to be honest and tell you that It did take a while for me to relax and settle down after that. At the end of the day its normal however many times the nurses told me i could move my arm, i think i just don’t like the concept of something in my arm. (Argk)

1:00PM- waiting for the results of my blood did take longer today, for some reason I’m not too sure why. Up until this time I’d watched a film  -See Spot Run- which I picked out because I know its a good film that always makes me laugh however many times i watch it. Also i read a magazine and listened to some music. At 1 my blood came back clear, so I could then be put onto my drip.

Again this wasn’t very nice, It didn’t hurt at all so don’t be scared of being connected onto the infusion! But for me I don’t like any concert of needles or cannula’s, So I always always look away! The nurse flushed out the cannula, I didn’t feel a thing, to then attach me to the Tysabri drip.

Again it took me a while to calm myself down and relax after this but I felt a ton better after i asked the nurse to cover it up so I couldnt’ see. I then made a fort around my arm to try and make myself more comfy, This consisted of a magazine on top of my arm, a pillow underrate and a soft toy in the crook of my arm. This just made me personally cope with the feeling better.

2:00PM- After that the worst was pretty much over and I was only on the infusion drip for an hour. Everything seemed to seem little after everything Id been through. They took me off the drip and then kept me in for observation, with the cannula that is, But this seemed to fly by and before i knew it they took the candler out and i was free to leave.


Altogether I was at the hospital 6 hours today! but I think its worth it! That’s it all over and done with now until next month, And I know as much as i don’t like hospitals or needles this Medication is going to help with my MS a ton! so it all worth it in the end.

Throughout the treatment all the nurses were so tentative and making sure I was okay, I also forgot to mention throughout the day they would come check my blood pressure and temperature but that’s nothing.

So that’s been my day. A long one but a successful one.

Please Leave me a comment if your a young person who has MS or any illness in general any how you cope with it?

Remember these things just make us stronger and I know now that my life will improve loads from being on this Tysabri Infusion. And ill be able to do stuff i couldn’t before

Anyway Type Soon!




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