Today I went for a blood test which I always go for a few days before my medicine day, Just before I start I would like to mention that All the nurses working at the hospital are all lovely and I usually have one nurse who I’ve had since the first day I went in. Today however she wasn’t in so I had another women take my blood.

Seeming though the last time I went in I was really chuffed with myself for not making a fuss… Today it didn’t go so well, I mean I didnt’ cry and scream but it was just uncomfortable and seemed to drag out.


I don’t know whether this is because the hospital have now decided to change the equipment used to take blood or if it was because I wasn’t as familiar with the nurse.

So for this blog post I just wanted to give you a little tip that might help if you struggle with the thought of having your blood taken ( Ecckk) or if you don’t like needles in general (ME!) 

In future I know what nurse to ask for now because she’s always lovely with me, but yet doesn’t talk down to me, she knows how I can be when I have to come in, she cracks on.. gets it done quick.. and always gets it done first time!


I think having familiarity helps as well it puts your mind at rest knowing who you’ll have, and you know they’re good and get it done quick!

 it also puts my mind at rest and sort of eases me, because your not having last minute changes or people you don’t know.

So if you are uneasy with blood tests, I would suggest getting used to having a nurse you like! and stick with her/him. Also Don’t be afraid to ask! at the end of the day after everything you’ve been through you want to be comfortable with a pattern and that’s what nurses are always there for, to make you feel comfortable and at ease and to just generally make things go the best way for you.


Anyway just thought this little thought I’d type this little thought down as

it’s definitely helped me.

I know next time who I would like to take my blood and I know it will go okay!

I’m going to go make myself a cup of tea now!


Back Soon!






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