Sleeping Pattern



In the winter months I always alway find it a struggle to get out of bed in the morning, ~ well we all do!~ It’s dark and cold and I never feel refreshed, I think thats because on a night I can never seem to switch my brain off, So I end up getting in a rut of going to bed super late but getting up late in the morning! Which is useless




Although!.. there are things that can help! So really I just need to move my butt and get into a routine


One of the main things I think helps in the cold months is having a relax on an evening! maybe a bath?

right before going to bed just to relax from the day, Put a bit of music and chill out to the max

On the other hand there are loads of products out there as well, Like pillow mists. The Sleep Easy one I love.

Also I know its only a small thing but to go alone side I always think its lush to get into a bed with fresh sheets on! Lavvvvvvvvvv it!

 it’s the little things

And I’m sorry to break it to you!.. and also myself.. Because I’m 100% a believer in a cuppa brew before bed, apparently its not great for ya! Caffeine or something or other.. but seriously I am going to try break away from this habit, Although it probably seems like it relaxes you, caffeine isn’t great on a night! ~Apparently Google says so anyway~


This past week my body clock has been super messed up! So I decided to spend some pennys on a very snazzy looking alarm clock, After actually hearing about it on the radio.

I got the ‘Lumie body clock light’ online from boots which came to a total of  (Yikkkkees)  £99.95p 

I’ve actually had the lamp for a few weeks now, & this post has been kept as a draft

 (Silly me) 

so I shall give you an update soon!

The ‘Lumie body clock alarm/Lamp’

This is what it says about the lamp on the boots website:

  How does it work?


The brightening light is a natural cue for your body to reduce the production of sleep hormones (e.g. melatonin) and gradually increase the levels of those that help you get up and go (e.g. cortisol). Waking with light every day will help to keep your sleep/wake cycle on track and has been shown to boost your mood, productivity and energy levels for the rest of the day


Hopefully I will take some of my own advice now and start to unwind before I head off to bed 

So I’m going to pop off now.Thanks for reading if you did.







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