Being diagnosed with M.S is a shock to say the least. Its like you’ve malfunctioned and you have lots of symptoms that show. The question is Why?


I’ve suffered with illness since I was young and I’ve always had to struggle with being ill. It effected me through my years at school to start. After seeing plenty of doctors and having many MANY blood tests (Erck) I finally was diagnosed with M.E it felt great to finally have a diagnosis, to meet people who were feeling the same way. But If I start to go on about every illness or cold I’ve ever had I’ll be here for years! 


I’ve always suffered with fatigue and feeling drained and exhausted, with having M.E there’s no medication you can take to help, Let’s be honest like most people I always got the odd person saying to take this veggie oil and that syrup, To sit in the sun everyday for 5 minuets, Take about 5 different sprays and juices from Holland and Barrett. These things might help.But I still was always exhausted.



3 Years ago my sister was diagnosed with MS, This was the first thing I’d really heard about MS, Going though this period of time we all pulled our socks up as a family, We just focused on our little family and no one else.


Finally my sister got onto a medication drip, called ‘Tysabri’ this helps with the MS Stops it attacking the nerve endings and from relapses from occuring. I’m sure if you ask Google it will have FAR more information then I could ever give.


Fast Forward 3 Years..

It started when I actually got my braces took off and started wearing the horrible plastic retainers you get. (Braces wearers will understand the struggle) My speech started to become slurred, To a level that folk couldn’t understand me.

After this the symptoms just kept coming. Vertigo, Slurred speech, The sensation of pins and needles in my hands and feet and also tingling or numbness in my mouth and tongue.


At this point everything went into speed mode. Seeing doctors, blood tests and MRI’s. All the nurses at York Nuffield were so help and comforting! We knew what we were looking at but in my head I kept thinking (I’ve got M.E not M.S)



I was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) on the 18th of August, just like my sister had when she was 17.

The day I got diagnosed feels so weird when I think of it, I wasn’t totally in shock from the news, I just didn’t want to hear it. 


The day I got told I had MS, and even the full week I just didn’t want to do anything and my appetite went completely. But looking back that’s all expected when you get told something like this. I remember the train home from the hospital and the news sinking in, because it had been finalised and I couldn’t ignore the fact it may not be MS anymore.


It’s been a month now since being diagnosed. After being told the news I did spend a good amount of time moping about and just letting everything sink in, A big low point. 


After the first month something in me clicked and I became determined. Determined not to let this over take me. Most of all not let it be the main thing people think when they see me, or speak about me. I didn’t want it to become me. So I thought I’d be more Gutsy take no crap off people, and surround myself with the people that make my life better! Remember in any big situation, surround yourself with people who care about you, and that you enjoy being around. 


-Insert something cheesy- 

I know it’s totally cheese on toast but when ‘Fight Song’ from Rachel Platten came out, I had it on REPEAT. I could take an exam on the lyrics of that song. and I thought the lyrics are 100% true and suit loads of situations!


‘This is my fight song,Take back my life song, Prove I’m alright song’



So here I am. Writing a blog post 

I’m hopefully starting on the Tysabri drip this Wednesday. One thing I’m looking forward to is to see if it helps with my exhaustion.

I’m hopeful because, I can see the improvement it’s had on my sister and her life, so I can only hope that it works that well for me.

Only thing I have to get over is my needle phobia?! (BLURCK)

  What a good note to end it on hey? 

Thanks for reading if anybody actual does read this…

please leave a comment.

Type soon.



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